Our Story

Way back in the fall of 1999 Ryan Taylor saw a disturbing word.  He had seen the word countless times prior, but this time it struck him like a bolt of lightning.  He thought, why would a word associated with clothes, have such a nasty prefix?  The word was war.

He said aloud, and to his surprise, “I’m going to start a clothing company called and we’ll take the war out of war.”

Not wanting to bite off more than he could chew, Mr. Taylor decided the first product would be button up shirts.  His goal was to make shirts for professionals, using the worlds finest cloth and craftsmanship.  He figured boutique stores around the city would love his shirts.  He rounded up several close friends to help and formally launched in the November 2000.

Family and friends bought several shirts a month and word of mouth grew. 

With confidence swelling, Taylor and Team took to a big apparel trade
show - where all the store buyers made their seasonal buys.  With assistance from Operation HOPE, to pay for a booth, looked fabulous in the convention lights. Unfortunately, the buyers were not interested in buying fine clothing from a company with little brand recognition.  With empty pockets and bruised spirits, the team returned home.

Several months after, Taylor noticed clients continued to return for more shirts.  Their reasons for returning were because of the willingness to adjust standard sizes to fit their personal size.  Taylor realized that custom clothing buyers needed us to take the war out of their shopping experience.

Spring 2002 became , Custom Shirt Makers.  It was at this point that took off – making custom and tailored shirts to television shows, celebrities, radio personalities and hundreds of professionals in and around Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta.  , Custom Shirt Makers expanded her offerings to include ties, cufflinks and gift certificates. 

By 2004, Taylor noticed that clients were still dealing with a war in their closet.  Although they looked great from the waist up, clients were suffering from poorly fitting trousers and suits.  Taylor decided to offer a complete solution which would include custom and tailored shirts, suits and trousers.

It took two years of research and countless hours of making and remaking suits before Taylor would put the label on his first suit.  ’s clients were accustomed to the highest level of quality in fit, craftsmanship, fabric and detail.  The suit could be no less remarkable.

With the suit making process mastered in the fall of 2006, underwent her final transformation.  , Custom Shirt Makers became , Custom Clothing.

Today, , Custom Clothing serves over 1300 clients the finest garments and accessories for every occasion.